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Christopher Nobles founded his eponymous London studio in 2019, working across furniture, transport and consumer product. Approaching 18 years in the design industry, he has been crafting aspirational user experiences and delivering design excellence with an intuitive sense of complex client requirements.


A graduate of Industrial Design at Loughborough University, Christopher moved to London to work alongside Marc Newson, collaborating on projects including the award winning Qantas A330 business and economy interiors, home & office furniture for Knoll, commercial and private aviation interiors with Freestream & Gulfstream, architectural lighting for Flos, as well as industrial consumer products for Louis Vuitton, Taschen, Heineken and Hermes.


In 2016, he moved to New York City and joined PepsiCo’s Design & Innovation team. During his time under Design SVP Mauro Porcini, Christopher led major product design & innovation programs across structural packaging, including the first new Pepsi bottle redesign for 30 years.


Christopher’s unique take on projects is born out of a love for technical detailing and traditional manufacturing processes, resulting in an elegant aesthetic inspired by engineering craft.

Get to know Christopher

Throughout his career Christopher has found inspiration from his love for music and DJ-ing. He began collecting records and performing in local bars & clubs in the late 90’s, and after several years of posting hundreds of demo mixtapes to the industry’s tastemakers, his big break came in 2003 when he became the Redroom Sessions/PaSSion resident and promoter at The Emporium in Coalville – a residency that offered the rather daunting prospect of playing alongside some of the biggest and best names in house and techno, whilst appearing at some of the best venues across the country. BBC Radio 1 guest appearances followed, along with TV and film scores and a debut artist album working alongside renouned UK producers Mutiny on their successful Sunflower label in 2007. Christopher has DJ’d at some of the world’s most revered night clubs, including Ministry of Sound, Turnmills, The Emporium, Pacha Ibiza, Privilege Ibiza, and Café Del Mar.


Listen to Christopher’s Music:


Elmo & Richards – Bright Lights (Chris Nobles Acid Mix) (Lowered Recordings) 2007

Hayes & Nobles – First Steps (Broken Wax) 2005

UDI – Play (Chris Nobles Remix) 2006

Chris Nobles – Mowbow (Sunflower Recs) 2006

Chris Nobles – Araknid (Sunflower Recs) 2007

Chris Nobles – Debar (Sunflower Recs) 2006

Chris Nobles – Gently Does it (Sunflower Recs) 2007

Film Score Strudel Film Company (2006)


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