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ID: Industrial Design, Aviation
Client: Freestream
Origin: USA
Tags: Airplane, Airplane, Aviation

Christopher Nobles & Sarah Mespelt Larranaga Interview by Business Jet Interiors Magazine, April 2024 Issue


“Home from Home”


This Global 7500 design was created by Christopher Nobles in collaboration with Sarah Mespelt Larranaga, chief design officer at Freestream Aircraft. The cabin spaces cater simultaneously to professional necessities and laid-back leisure with dedicated areas for each. As well as aesthetic unity, design aims included ergonomic comfort, creative furniture design and sustainability. Areas on board include a galley, a dining area, aft bedroom suite and a spacious seating area. The Global 7500 is capable of very long flights, so the layout was tailored with room for 17 passengers and eight full sleeping positions. “The cabin is divided into five zones with large spatial layouts for more light, better views, improved seat ergonomics and more private spaces for resting on long flights with multiple passengers on board,” says Mespelt Larranaga. “The jewel on the Global 7500 is the Nice touch CMS. It offers touch dials, suite controls, phone app operation and 4K home theatre viewing on monitors.” The success of previous designs – including for G650, G700 and Boeing 787 airframes – guided the design direction. “Building on this foundation, we wanted to introduce a variety of soft materials into the seating spaces to create a more personal experience with our selection of textures and layers adding a tangible depth and a tactile richness to the interior,” says Nobles. “We’ve consciously steered away from the conventional corporate aesthetic, aspiring instead to create an environment that is not only distinctive but also imbued with personality and character. The result is a space that exudes an inviting warmth, reflecting the individuality of the client and fostering a sense of personal sanctuary.” Special details include the use of white ebony, a custom Kalogridis carpet and lacing on the seatbacks. “The seats and woodwork within our designs are often the lynchpin of the entire interior aesthetic, carrying the potential to elevate or detract from the overall effect and mood,” says Mespelt Larranaga. “Within these elements our dedication to craftsmanship truly comes to the fore. Quality is not just a component of our process; it is the cornerstone. It bears a profound influence on the success of our projects.” 

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Citation details: Article published by kind permission of Business Jet Interiors International, March/April 2024

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