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ID: Pepsi 2L Bottle
Client: Pepsico
Origin: New York City, US
Tags: Products

First designed in 1970 by PepsiCo, the two-liter bottle was an imperfect mainstay of the soft drink industry. But after 30 years of being unchanged, the two-liter structural pack has a complete makeover that’s easier to grip and balance in your hand, while consuming slightly less plastic in the process.


The team leveraged a human-centred design approach to observe how people purchase, transport and pour 2-liter bottles at various experiential moments together. Thousands of sketches and hundreds of 3D prototypes were created to study the physical look and feel of the new design.  Flagship products Pepsi and Mountain Dew have bespoke grip designs out of a modular tool to suit the operational demands with filling high carbonated beverages, with Pepsi’s featuring graceful waves and Mountain Dew’s bottle with sharp, angular lines in the same spirit as its wordmark.


“Beyond improved usability, the new bottle will be the billboard of the soda aisle, catching the eye and shouting PepsiCo, louder and prouder, from top to bottom, with branding no longer constrained to the label, and the exact right balance of form and function” Explains Mauro Porcini, SVP and chief design officer at PepsiCo


Full Case Study:


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